iOS Device Kit

Vector Illustrations of Devices running iOS

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Ever spent hours hunting for mobile device images because none of the packages had that one model and color combination you wanted? Only to then spend the same amount of time, again, trying to touch up the bitmap images because you needed them at twice the size or their original resolution?

The iOS Device Kit was born out of that same frustration: sometimes you just need to use that pink iPhone to complement your app’s UI and you absolutely want it to cover half the screen, and looking good at that, even on a retina display.

With the iOS Device Kit you get the current iOS device lineup as vector graphics, including all color variations currently (as of winter 2013) shipping from Apple.

What’s Inside

The iPad 2, iPad mini and iPad Air
iPad Illustrations
The iPhone 4S and iPhone 5s
iPhone 4S and 5s Illustrations
The iPhone 5c
iPhone 5c Illustrations

What You Get

You’ll get the Winter 2013 edition of the iOS Device Kit (16 illustrated devices), including access to any fixes or additional updates to the included illustrations.

The illustrations were created with Adobe Illustrator CC, with the main goal of creating clean vector shapes with the layers well organized and named to allow easy further adaption and adjustment. Each device is illustrated using two illustration styles, one "flat", with no material shading, and one realistic, with a more realistic and detailed material shading.

Some vector shapes use Illustrator Effects, which can have a negative impact on file size. In order to keep the file sizes reasonable, a Document Raster Effect Setting Resolution of 150 dpi was used. You may need to increase the resolution to 300 dpi or higher if you want to use the device illustration at bigger sizes.

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Get the iOS Device Kit for only $29 Click here to buy!

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